Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Project Description: DSOperator

Another operating system for the DS but this one's definitely not my main priority right now, DPhone is. I was mainly doing this project to test things out for DPhone since I could go no further because of an error (*ugh*), but I just kept going and soon I had an alpha version. I have include two screen-shots one is the main menu and notice there is customizable backgrounds. (I didn't have the time to make a different background so I used the one from DPhone as you can see from the screen-shots of it) And the other is of the file-browser, which is still being developed. It will probably be scrolled by the stylus and to open a file or folder just tap it wherever it is on the screen. Sounds have been implemented at this point and a notification menu has been put in to tell different messages according to what is being used by the user at that time.

NOTE : This project was originally called DSOS but I found out that someone else was already developing a project with that name so in the voting section, it is named DSOS and I can't change it now since people have voted already.
Thanks, Hillbilly

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